Aaron Rodgers won’t become a football broadcaster

Aaron Rodgers could be as good of a broadcaster as he is a quarterback. He’s smart, witty, funny (in a dry way), and entertaining. But if he gets into TV in any way after his playing career ends, it won’t have any connection to football.

“Well, I’ve given a lot to this game,” Rodgers told Pat McAfee on Tuesday regarding Rodgers’ lack of interest in becoming a broadcaster. “I’ve been playing since I was in eighth grade. I’ve been playing 16 years and I just feel like when I’m done I want to be done. I think it’d be fun to help out an age group that I feel like is real impressionable still, like high school kids. I think being able to volunteer, help, or just help with some quarterback stuff I think would be fun. Just because I love the game so much I don’t want to totally get out of it, but as far as the pro level, I don’t see myself doing anything with it.”

That’s a shame. And not in a sarcastic, Seinfeldian way. It really is a shame, because the game would be better off if Rodgers’ knowledge and experiences were part of its presentation.

There’s a chance Rodgers, who participated in NBC’s coverage of Super Bowl XLVI, will feel differently once he retires from playing — and if one of the networks decides to throw Romo-style money at him to talk about football.